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Who is Southern California’s Premier Wedding Video Production Company?

Ashley Video Productions, at Newport Beach, is Southern California's premier wedding video production company for good reason. We know what you are looking for in a wedding video.

You Want . . .

  • Your wedding day recorded unobtrusively, without some wedding videographer in everyone’s face with lights blaring.
  • You want a wedding video that shows you of course, but that shows everyone else too.
  • You want to relive your experience and also see things you never knew took place.
  • You want a wedding video that has a professional look and feel to it. Kind of like a movie but not overdone or cheesy. Something classy.
  • You want the best quality wedding videography you can afford. After all, this video will become a family heirloom.

If you desire wedding videography that is rich with detail, beauty and romance...if you want a wedding video that will help you relive all of the fun and excitement of your wedding day.

Ashley Video Productions is the company you have been looking for!

We produce wedding videography with a sensitivity for style and romance that make our wedding videos special. We have honed our talents to provide brides and grooms with the finest wedding videography available anywhere, at any price. Each wedding we do is a new and wonderful experience that receives our complete attention, energy and enthusiasm. From our first meeting until our work is complete we will combine our talent and technique with your wants and desires to ensure your wedding videography expectations are fulfilled.

We are anxious to meet the brides and grooms we will be working with in the future. We want couples who admire classic style, appreciate quality and love romance as we do. If this is you, then we want to meet you. We may just be what each other has been looking for. Call or e-mail today for a sample of our wedding videography.

If you have any doubt that what we have detailed about our approach to producing wedding videography is not exactly what you are looking for, then we encourage you to consider other wedding video companies. It is paramount that you see a videographer’s work before making a decision but it is also important to listen to what a company emphasizes. Not just what they say they may do for you but how they will do it. Listen to what they emphasize as important to them.

If the videographer’s priorities match yours, then your decision will be an easy one. If you feel good about what we have said we will do for you, then call or e-mail today and we will send you a sample of our work for your consideration.


Marc Lehman and Lorelei Ashley began wedding videography at the inception of the industry in the mid 1980s.

In 1990 Mike and Cheri Wilson joined the company and collectively we have produced to date, over 3,000 wedding videos for brides and grooms just like you.

Ashley Video Productions is recognized nationally as a leader in the field and in many ways has helped set the standard for exceptional videography.

We have always dedicated our efforts to wedding videography and our popularity has been based on the standards we have set for ourselves, the value we offer, the service we provide and the quality we produce.
Check out our work and see why are known as the Emotion Picture Studio.

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